General Manager Chile

Alejandro has over 5 years’ experience in food processes and starting companies in Chile. Before joining the BluWrap team, Linderman worked for Avomex a leading company in the use of Ultra High Pressure process in the avocado process. He was  in charge of helping project, build, and finally running the company in Chile until it was fully operational for two seasons, taking care specially from the production of the company from receiving the fruit until dispatch of the finished product. He also worked in the project of serving turkey meat into UHP processing, being able to enlarge the shelf life from 25 to 100 days for a third party client, leader in the turkey business in Chile. Alejandro also has a background in BTL marketing, having worked for almost seven years in helping big and medium companies in their marketing needs.

Linderman, brings knowledge in starting companies in Chile, and a great knowledge in GMP and HACCP implementation, and helping employees achieve their best from a production stand point.

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